Inkjet and screen-print

The images in this section are mostly large size prints in either screen print or inkjet.

Screen-print has been around for some time as a medium for Fine Art Print, however, the inkjet is a relative newcomer to the field. The steady development of museum quality archival inks and the ever increasing range of specially prepared fine art papers for inkjet printing over the last decade has dramatically assisted the acceptance of inkjet as legitimate fine art medium.

There are many types of high quality inkjet prints on the market ranging from limited edition reproductions of artworks in other mediums, photographs rendered as inkjet prints through to images that have been produced in the tradition of the original print with the artwork existing in no other form.

My work in inkjet falls into the latter category. As with all the print processes I use, I choose the medium specifically for its ability fulfil the particular needs of the image. In the case of the screen prints and inkjet prints, their ability to make large, bold, colourful graphic statements are key to my choice. Although screen-printing isn’t one of my main mediums, I very much enjoy the way it requires the elements of an image to be tailored and often abstracted to work within the confines of the medium. This along with its potential for rendering intense layers of smooth colour makes it ideally suited for a strand of my work that is based around the language and visual power of the sign. My inkjet prints also share similar concerns, however, the language of this medium is far more expansive and allows for a less pared down range of imagery to be integrated into the composition, often combining bold linear gestures of screen-print style imagery with the narrative potential of photographic juxtaposition.